September 6, 2019

Town and Country Willy Nilly.

We've had some beautiful days and I've gotten outside to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. I have a surplus of images for Willy Nilly Friday and other linkups, plus of course some that I just want to post so they don't languish unseen.
1. Fences: Along a peaceful lane at Blandy Experimental Farm.

2. Also at Blandy, an arbor shown in black and white

3. Work on the new state park in Woodstock is progressing. I dropped by one day to take a look at the Lupton Road entrance and chatted with Ranger Tom, who happened to be there keeping an eye on things. Part of the park property is still being used by a farmer, and the corn has grown tall.

The park is closed during the week while construction crews are working, but on weekends you can walk in and explore. 

4. A local photo group has "Purple" as a topic this week. I noticed the color in a shop window and caught a reflection of clouds at the same time.

5. Floral Friday, Friday Bliss: I found plenty of purple flowers to photograph in various parks and public gardens. The pretty lavender trumpet was displayed on what looks like a huge weed at the edge of the cornfield shown above.

6. Skywatch: The paths in Shenandoah County Park were recently paved, making them accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

7. The historic Sonner House in Strasburg has been repaired and the new owners are holding it open tomorrow afternoon (9/7/19).  I'm glad they were able to save this house from further deterioration. When I reported on it in 2017, a wall was badly bowed. A contractor and his wife purchased it and fixed it up.

8. The final picture is from our brief visit to the Bahamas back in 2010.  The islands were hit hard this week by Hurricane Dorian. From what we've seen so far, the devastation has been horrific. I know this is on the minds of caring people everywhere.

Organizations like Mercy Corps are doing what they can to help.


  1. ...Linda, what a wonderful diverse collection of photos! A house is saved and houses are destroyed and life goes on. Thanks for checking in, I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.

  2. I enjoyed each of your snaps. However, I liked the first and last best of all.

  3. The restored house should be interesting to peek into when it's opened up. Love your photos, and also am so sorry about the devastation in the Bahamas.

  4. The beautiful fence and country road (first photo) really does it for me! Have a great weekend.

  5. Great photographs, I particularly like your first one.

    All the best Jan

  6. The purple flowers are cheerful to see.

  7. I like how you captured the arch of the arbor!

  8. I would like to take a walk on that beautiful lane in your first shot :) And the b&w shot is very graphic, I like that :)

  9. The shot of the stained glass in the church is beautiful.

  10. Your floral collage in purple is so charming! I like also the impressive arch photo very much. Thank you for linking Linda.

  11. Your black and white is very beautiful - great contrast and shapes.

  12. Holzzäune gefallen mir immer am Besten,
    sie passen gut in die Landschaft !


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