September 27, 2019

Blog Post 6860

1. Coreopsis seems to come up wherever it pleases. This year it grew next to the lake.

Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.
2. We were busy last weekend and I haven't published many pictures from the varied events: A Mosby Tour around Berryville, Edinburg Old Time Festival, Battle of Third Winchester Anniversary, a Sunday drive in Clarke County. I may never catch up!

This black and white portrait shows a young woman at Star Fort in Winchester.

3. The scene with the gazebo is a cell phone picture I took yesterday in Front Royal. I was there for a meeting nearby.

4. Front Royal has lush flower baskets hanging along Main Street. The town has so much charm! Unfortunately it has recently been in the news for a scandal involving embezzlement of funds intended for economic development. It's one of those stories that just keeps getting bigger as investigations continue.

5. Skywatch and Reflections: The final photo is from today's sunset.


  1. The black & white portrait of this young woman is great - and I just can't take my eyes away from that sunny coreopsis! Gorgeous hanging basket as well - thanks for linking, have a nice weekend.

  2. ...lots to love in this post, Linda. The flowers and sunset are among my favorites, thanks for sharing.

  3. Looks like a beautiful little town. Pretty sky shots. I like the gazebo and the flower baskets.

  4. Beautiful photos...reminding myself to get better sunset ones!

  5. Beautiful black and white portrait!

  6. What a beautiful sky and reflection!

  7. Great photos, the woman in the B&W photo, the gazebo, and the SWF photo.
    That's how scandals sometimes go, you start pulling on something and you never know where it is going to end.

  8. Beautiful flower and sky photos!


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