September 17, 2019

Another Washington Monument.

This is in Charles Town, West Virginia. The obelisk looks very similar to the Washington Monument in D.C., but it is smaller and is set on a pedestal so that the silhouette is not angled as smoothly.

Nearby is a second structure, shown below. There may be a sign somewhere but I did not see one as I walked around taking photos. These are at the entrance to a subdivision called Huntfield on the outskirts of Charles Town.

I found very little on the internet about the monument, just a short video stating that the obelisk is a memorial to Charles Washington, brother of our first president. Charles founded the town of Charles Town in 1786, after inheriting land there from his half-brother Lawrence, who died of tuberculosis.

I found nothing about the small round temple that is centered in a little park nearby. Perhaps someone will find this and contribute a history of these striking buildings.

Tuesday Treasures.


  1. Yes a good post for Tuesdays Treasures! I love the second temple and hope you get to find out more on it!
    Wren x

  2. ...Charles is a Washington that I've never heard of. I guess that George stole the shown! Charles Town has two wonderful monuments and thanks Linda for sharing them. I hope that you are having a wonderful week.

  3. How intriguing! The Charles Town Chamber of Commerce or Historical Society needs to get on the ball and do some signage!

  4. Neat finds. They are new to me.


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