August 22, 2019

Welcome to the New Star Market.

This little market is along VA 55 west of Strasburg. Normally I would not stop there because it's part of a gas station, but the market has posted neat photos of this patio lit up at night with hundreds of tiny lights.

They have tried hard to make this an inviting place to stop. No one was hanging out on the patio this afternoon, but it was really too hot.

There's a country store that sells a little of everything including barbecue.
Linkups: Fences and Signs.

Behind the store is a little building used as a Korean Church.


  1. I love places like this one ☺

  2. the country you need to do a bit of everything and they seem to doing it. Great signs, my daughter in law will be able to read the Korean. Thanks Linda for sharing, enjoy your weekend.

  3. I would like to visit here. My kind of place.

  4. This is a lovely place, would definitely draw me in :)

  5. I like that little place. Love all the clever signage. Stop in for me please. LOL

  6. That place would catch my eye and make me want to visit.

  7. Looks a great place.

    All the best Jan


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