June 21, 2019

Foggy, Frustrated, and Flowery.

Willy Nilly Friday

1. Thought I'd start this post with a cloudy sky in black and white.

2. This one is from the same rainy morning, when Signal Knob was obscured by fog. You can see a reflection of the fountain in the water.

3. This week has been a frustrating one for me with technology. My laptop refuses to wake up after it goes to sleep, my cell phone would not charge today, and I've had a series of problems with my old iPad.

The iPad is supposed to have 200MB of free cell coverage every month, but that stopped working. I rarely need the cell signal because wifi is available in many places, but I wanted to get it working again. I wound up making three long calls to T-Mobile but basically I'm in a battle against a machine. Their software sends me a verification code via text message, but my iPad does not get phone-style text messages, so I cannot sign on. A tech old me to take the iPad to the local T-Mobile store so they could fix it. They could not, so they said to take it to the bigger T-Mobile store that's an hour away. I will probably get around to it, but I need to combine that with another errand because I am not confident that they will fix it.

4. I got to see some beautiful Tiffany lamps, including this wisteria design. I believe this is the one designed by great-aunt Emarel, my grandfather's sister. I read that she also designed a Pond Lily lamp. Sometimes the word designed confuses people. In this case, I believe she sketched out what she wanted Tiffany to make for her home, and his artist Clara Driscoll translated the idea into this lamp shade. Emarel was creative and also designed two homes and wrote a vegetarian cookbook. 

5. Wildflowers at the MSV look cheerful this time of year.
Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.


  1. ...lots to like here!
    ...I like it.
    ...neat fountain.
    ...don't talk to me about technology.
    ...love it.
    ...couldn't be nicer.
    Thank linda, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Very moody and attractive black and white. (And tech is absolutely wonderful - as long as it works!)

  3. I wouldn't know what to do if one of my e-devices refuses to work. I hope your devices are being fixed and working well by now.

  4. Hello, sorry about the battles with the machines. Love the foggy scene and fountain view. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Technology issues will drive one crazy. At least you have a lot of natural beauty in your area.

  6. Groans shared about tech problems. Why is it whenever I carry my laptop somewhere (in a nice carry-bag) one of the keys decides to stop working? Last week it was the space bar...and today the "d" key, though the "L" key has long been the culptrit. Can we say the old mantra, can't live with them, can't live without them?

  7. I hate it when I have tech problems, and especially on multiple devices! I think b&w works great for cloudy skies. Love those wildflowers!!

  8. I want to go and see those wildflowers ...so lovely. I always have trouble with computers, I think if you take it one at a time and figure it out it will work :)

  9. Quite moody shots!

    I'm having tech problems at present- I can't receive SMS codes, which is the standard way to reset a Twitter account, and Twitter itself refuses to get back to me otherwise.

  10. The foggy image look great in black and white. I like the fountain reflection, nicely seen. It's stinks when your devices aren't working the way they are supposed to. Hopefully they can sort it out for you when you bring it to the bigger store.

  11. The technology and passwords are a mess! I know what you mean! Yesterday my ipad told me to use some verification code - ie the password that was used years ago when the ipad was taken into use. Of course I had no idea what the password was because it has been changed a few times! It took an hour for my husband to get it work again!

    Pretty photos!

  12. I just don't like it when technology plays up...

    I do like wildflowers.

    All the best Jan

  13. a beautiful foggy landscape. Hope it's getting better with your technical problems

  14. Gadgets and technology can be so frustrating sometimes. Lovely wildflowers!


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