April 28, 2019

Starting a Tour at Trinity Episcopal Church

Yesterday in Washington, Virginia: The Historic Garden Tour started at Trinity Episcopal Church. Here I purchased my ticket and got a map. I walked through the town, browsed the crafts sale, and visited the first two tour stops. I probably walked beyond the limit of my ankle strength because I'm having trouble walking today.

The church was built in 1857. It is on Gay Street.

This nearby monument provides a brief history of the town, which is sometimes called "Little Washington." Not all the residents appreciate the adjective "Little." 

The Town of Washington, Virginia.
The First Washington of All.
Surveyed and platted by George Washington with the assistance of John Lonem and Edward Corder, as chainmen; August 4, 1749. 
Organized and established as a town by the General Assembly of Virginia, December 14, 1796. 
Incorporated as a municipality by the General Assembly of Virginia, February 12, 1894.


  1. ...the Celtic Cross is a nice start.

  2. Hello, what a nice tour. I love the cross. Pretty church and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week ahead.

  3. Most interesting tour...did not know about this other Washington (though I was born in the other other one(State) clear over on the West Coast))). Fascinating to learn the history and it’s a beautiful place obviously. Hope your ankle recovers after a rest day!

  4. look small church, but great inside....
    Have a wonderful spring

  5. Great looking day for garden tour...of course paying attention to bodily needs is also important!

  6. Lovely photographs here.
    The first, fourth and fifth are my favourites.

    I hope once you've rested, your ankle feels a lot better.

    All the best Jan

  7. This is a lovely little church! I love your photos.

  8. I hope your ankle is feeling better. Lovely flowers and church in this post.


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