April 21, 2019

Rural Re-runs

Usually I try to show places that I haven't posted here before, but some places deserve a new photo.

Dry Run Christian Church. This is one of the most photographed places in Fort Valley because it is so charming. (I shared it five years ago.)

Also in Fort Valley, this pretty farm.

At the other side of Shenandoah County is Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, which I also photographed in 2009 from almost the same spot.

From this church you have a great view of the countryside and Great North Mountain.


  1. That is a great looking little church.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Hi Linda,

    beautiful pictures.

    Regards Bernhard

  3. ...Linda, you have selected some gorgeous scenes from your area, the churches and barns are wonderful. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week.

  4. Hello, beautiful rural scenes. I love the church and barn. Great views. Enjoy your day, have a great new week ahead!

  5. A beautiful series of rural America. Beautiful church and barn. Have a great week!

  6. Beautiful views, especially the churches.

  7. Such beautiful and peaceful scenes.
    I liked them all :)

    All the best Jan


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