March 8, 2019

Eleven Days Until Spring

1. It's still winter and I'm getting tired of it!  Treating roads is one way the highway department gets ready of snow. I took this picture on Monday. I can't help wondering if those untreated strips will get icy. 
Weekend Reflections and  Black and White Weekend.
2. Today it snow. Again! This is getting old, even though it is pretty. I went outside this morning and filled up a bird feeder and got the mail. Then I stayed indoors the rest of the day. I washed my hair, wrote Amazon reviews, even moved a piece of furniture in the bedroom and ran the vacuum. Of course, I also took pictures through the windows.

3. Spring is coming and that means flowers! Here are some April flowers. When flowers start blooming, I get excited and take dozens of pictures of them. Then it gets ordinary to see them and I don't post them all.
Floral Friday and Friday Bliss.
4. One evening I stopped to photograph a pretty sunset along Totten Lane. Utility lines were in the way but I liked the loops so I decided to make them a feature.

Skywatch Friday.
5. A new discount store opened this week in Winchester. Ollie's has a location in Harrisonburg but we are glad to have one a little closer. They moved into the space that was vacated by Toys "R' Us.

I liked the sign that says "Quiet Please. Don't Wake the Employees." I guess Ollie has a sense of humor.
Sharing with Signs, Signs.


  1. I like the b&w shot of the car on the road. Beautiful light!

  2. I like your snow lined tree photo. We dont get many of those down here (Houston). Last year we did your parkway reflecttion picture is neat. You must have been way up high.

  3. I love both of the first 2 images Good reflections. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your black & white road photo is great! It was snowing here last night, I'm also fed up with the winter :) Had my early morning walk, now I'll take a morning sauna and stay indoors reading the rest of the day... Try to keep your humour!

  5. nice serie. I hope for you that spring will soon arrive

  6. Stripy road - fascinating! Nicely caught.

  7. ...nice shot.
    ...makes for a pretty picture.
    ...things to look forward to.
    ...nice greeting.
    ...when you loose your sense of humor, you've lost everything!

  8. Lovely pictures. Hope the spring come soon too.

  9. Yesterday our drizzle turned to snow for about half an hour, but didn't stick, and today is in 40s again. Sorry you had yet another snow, we had lots last March, but not this year (yet.)(Black Mountain near Blue Ridge Parkway in NC)

  10. Thx for showing us this b/w picture

    Regards Bernhard

  11. I love the b&w photo of the car on the road. Very nice indeed.

  12. Waiting patiently for the warm. Not too patient , it may jinx the weather

  13. I need to read up on what is used to treat roads before it ices or snows, and what keeps the stuff on the road rather than washing it off, and is it harmful to environment. So many questions.
    Where I live it is almost impossible to take photos of the sky without powerlines. I have an app that does a good job removing them but many times I think it is part of what you are looking at when you see t he sky.
    We are having a great, warm, sunny, very windy spring day with lots of sunshine after an all night rain. It feels great!!

  14. Yes, spring is already coming bringing all beauty, color and charm. I also shot lots of flowers.
    Wonderful photos, I especially loved the sunset.
    Have a nice weekend
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  15. Beautiful picture of the road.
    Wonderful winter photo!

  16. Neat pictures. I am eager for the snow to leave and the flowers to return also.


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