February 7, 2019

Winter near Boyce.

These scenes are in Clarke County, Virginia. Our snow has now melted, thanks to several nice days.

Photos #3-7 are from last week when it was still really cold. I took them at Blandy. I am thankful that this lovely farm and research facility is open to the public.

Thankful Thursday and Fences Around the World.


  1. ...I think that I was near Boyce.

  2. Beautiful pics, I love your rural scenes. Oklahoma foesn’t Have very many big barns still standing.

  3. Hello, pretty views of the farmland and barns. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. It sure looks pretty when the sun shines on snow! Love that big barn and all your pretty scenes. Stay warm this week!

  5. Like that next to last pic best with the partial freeze

  6. I just listened to a marvelous a capella version of Shenandoa. It conjures such beautiful visions of the place!

  7. Good fence shots and lovely scenery around your part of the world. Have a wonderful week ahead

  8. Das sind Fotos, die mir gefallen.
    Ich liebe solche Gegenden und die eindrücke davon.
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Lovely, peaceful scenes--so pretty.


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