February 11, 2019

Artful Random-osity

The Good: We finally visited Middle Street Gallery's in their new location. It's through the door that's to the left of the antique shop, but it's not as small as it looks. There's a light-filled addition on the back with a garden view. This is near The Inn at Little Washington. 

Random: If you've joined an online group, you may have observed the tendency that some members have to bicker and argue. I made up this sign to show what I've witnessed.

The Fun: Going to a restaurant with friends can be fun, and a pizza place in Front Royal had a nice surprise: a long mural in the back room.

(I don't eat pizza myself due to food allergies so I had a salad.)
Monday Murals.


  1. Nice mural at the Pizza restaurant Linda.
    Love the sign, very funny :) I can't understand why some people are so rude and obnoxious online.
    Thanks for participating.

  2. Three diverse arty shots Linda, the sign made me smile 😊

  3. Hello, the gallery building is cute. I like the mural in the restaurant. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day. Have a great week ahead!

  4. Your sign is great, and much too appropriate in many situations.

  5. I will echo others and say how much I like the mural at the pizza place. Hope the little gallery will be included again in your posts.

  6. That gallery looks like a fun place to go and browse around. I love the pizza shop mural. That really is eye-catching.

  7. Linda,

    Oh you poor dear, you can't eat pizza! I think I'd die if I couldn't eat pizza. That's extreme yes and true I'd adjust but I'm sure I'd feel like I'm dying at the beginning. I do like salads, though. :) I love the mural!

  8. That is a nice mural at the Pizza restaurant :)

    All the best Jan


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