February 25, 2019

Art and Elvis

The Good: Shenandoah Valley Pastorale graces a wall above a stairway in an arts center in Berryville. The artist is Bill Whiting. 
Monday Murals.
The Random: The reason we went there was to see an exhibit of art quilts inspired by the music of Elvis Presley. (Yes, it's a real thing – and it's wonderful!)

Mosaic Monday.
The Fun: Elvis and me.
At the Barns of Rose Hill, Berryville, VA.


  1. ...Elvis hasn't left the building.

  2. Linda - OK, just when you think you have heard of everything … love the randomness of it all! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday and giving us a little of the King!

  3. Thanks for contributing Linda. Love the quilts but had never thought music could be an inspiration for sewing. Glad it is though :)

  4. Why not? Quilts and Elvis? All these murals we are posting? Life is just like this.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. I'm not surprised - artists receive inspiration from everything in life.

  6. Laughing aloud, art is inspired through different mediums. You're great with the King, as is the hound dog in different versions. Looks like there also was a bit of music, which I hope was Elvis songs.

  7. thank you, thank you very much. They just had a special of people singing his songs

  8. We are also doing this donkey ears in Turkey. ;)

  9. Have a nice week. Luv thd Elvis pic


  10. Wow, the quilt art exhibit sounds like it would be a fun one to visit.


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