January 20, 2019

Toms Brook UMC

This Methodist Church was built in 1955. The original church was built in 1879 in a different location. 

The church is located along U.S. 11, the historic Valley Pike. 

InSpired Sunday.
The town of Toms Brook is small but is known for a Civil War battle fought throughout the area in 1864. A nearby interstate exit is also called Toms Brook but you can't see the town from the exit.

There is no apostrophe in the name because the highway department standard for signs and maps is to drop apostrophes.


  1. Pretty church. I like the windows you can see in the second picture.

  2. ...big, solid and functional come to mind.

  3. Hello, pretty brick church, I love the window and bell.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  4. Funny to know the sign makers wont use punctuation!

  5. A nice looking church. I like the huge window in front, I wonder if it's stained glass.

  6. Pretty church and interesting history... I quite tempted to adopt that apostrophe standard myself!

  7. Nice church, I like the proportions and windows.

  8. That is a nice looking Church.

    All the best Jan


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