January 29, 2019

Snowy Dusk, Snowy Trees.

Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday.
Modified in PicsArt.


  1. So nice to see on a hot Perth day Linda 😊

  2. Pretty snow scape. The edit is interesting.
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/01/bloomin-beauty.html

  3. Linda,

    Your first image is gorgeous. I love how the clouds rest low on the mountains just above the tree line. The geese look so happy on the water while winters' chaos happens around them. We got a bit of snow yesterday, not a lot but it lingers still in the shady parts of our yard. I'm really anxious for spring to get here. Keep warm and have a happy WW!

  4. The first shot is beautiful. The modified pic would make a neat illustration in a children's book, I think.


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