December 27, 2018

And Christmas is Over.

Most of our guests were only here on Christmas Day, except Marie who left the next day. Allow me to share a few more holiday photos. I am thankful that both my daughters were able to visit, plus Allison and Dave.

  1. Marie
  2. Lynn
  3. Allison
  4. Marie and Lynn
  5. View of the lake.

The lake photo is from a walk that Marie encouraged me to take after her sister left. Marie walks regularly; she does not even own a car at this time.

Marie made arrangements to meet her friend Marie Alice in Northern Virginia before leaving to go home. They were best friends in high school and only see each other on rare occasions now that my Marie lives mostly in California (although she still has a home in New Jersey).

I'm going to close with and old photo from a long-ago Christmas. This shows Larry and Peggy and their nieces, Lynn and Marie.


  1. It's good that you were able to get together.

  2. Great portraits of relatives and friends! And a good reminder to get out and walk.

  3. Family photos are such treasures. It's fun to look back on old photos to remind us of memories and of how much we have all changed over the years.

  4. Glad your girls made it home for Christmas! Love that old family photo!

  5. Long ago----look at the hair----love it!

  6. Looks like you had a nice family Christmas. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  7. Always great to celebrate Christmas with family members. Beautiful view of the lake. Happy weekend!

  8. How sweet to celebrate with those you love.

  9. I'm pleased you were able to get together.

    All the best Jan


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