November 24, 2018

Haitian Artwork and Some Critters

 My younger daughter was only here for a few days but it was delightful to see her. Here she is showing a sequined fabric art piece that she purchased in Haiti.

This morning I took Marie to the new shoe store in Front Royal and then to Dulles Airport, stopping for lunch in Chantilly. It took me a while to get home due to hard rain and a couple of accidents along I-66. It took her even longer because her first flight was late so she could not make the connecting flight. She is still in the air now on a replacement flight to California.

The rest of today's post is devoted to some critters I saw along Skyline Drive on Monday. The bear was not very big but he quickly moved out of camera range. Even though I had my camera handy, he had scampered out of the road and into the brush by the time I got the car stopped.

 The picnic area at Dickey Ridge was still open so I ate my lunch there. I stayed in the car because it was cold, except for getting out to move a couple of branches out of the road and then take a picture of the bear warning sign. (Do not run! Make noise.)

I also saw some deer along the Drive.


  1. Hello Linda. The bear is awesome. Photos of deers are so beautiful.

  2. Hello, the fabric art is pretty. I always enjoy seeing a bear in Shenandoah, love the deer too. Great sightings. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day. Have a great new week ahead! PS, thanks always for the comment on blog.

  3. NaturÄ™ is awesome Love from EuropÄ™

  4. The deer really do blend into their surroundings.

  5. The deer seem to look right at you. The fabric art is very pretty. Enjoy the day and the upcoming new week.

  6. Pity about the bear but I love the deer. The art work is amazing. Take care Diane

  7. I wouldn't want to encounter a bear. The deer are so graceful.


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