October 15, 2018

Solenberger's Hardware Mural

This hardware store in Winchester is having a large mural painted in celebration of their 130th anniversary. It's not quite finished yet, but we were in town so I couldn't resist going by.

Sharing with Monday Murals.


  1. Hello, looks like an awesome mural. Have a happy day!

  2. ...that sure is impressive.

  3. What a huge mural Linda, great find!
    Wow, a business going for 130 years is fantastic.
    Thanks for participating.

  4. Good that hardware stores (especially locally owned) have been in business that long. Even better that they celebrate by supporting the arts!

  5. What a huge mural !! It looks very interesting!

  6. Interesting how the murals appear to depict the customers of the shop. Or do they?

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  7. That’s a good one ... you were lucky to find no people or traffic in front as you must have had to stand a distance away.

  8. Looks great! They're making good progress on it.


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