October 1, 2018

Mountain Mural with Red Chair.

Strasburg's latest mural was painted by Phillip Adams. Staufferstadt Arts describes Adams as "equal parts educator, historian, and artist." I stopped by while the mural was underway and again last week when it was officially unveiled.

The mural is primarily done in charcoal with a sealant to preserve it. The artist was inspired by the Appalachian Mountains and decided to show how they would have looked millions of years ago, before they eroded into the rounded-looking ridges that we see today.

Another quote from the project's sponsor, Staufferstadt Arts: "By combining references to this grand past with human elements Phillip aims to have us consider humanity against the grand scale of time."

An event celebrated the completion of the mural and included music by Amanda Wilkins. Although portions of the mural were actually done under tarps during rainy weather, the skies cleared for the event, except for a few drops here and there.

The town of Strasburg now has a number of murals, mostly visible along King Street. This one is on a restaurant building at the corner of King and Massanutten Streets.

Sharing with Monday Murals.

Artist Phillip Adams (left) mingled with the crowd.


  1. A marvelous mural. The Appalachians are a scenic set of mountains with a very special group of people!

  2. Fabulous mural of the mountains. Am I right in saying that chair and lamp are actually painted on the mural? They look so real! Thanks for participating Linda.

    1. The chair is painted, the lamp is real. An existing spotlight was given a shade that the artist purchased in a local shop.

  3. ...quite a view from that chair.

  4. Lovely post. I wish I had gone to the celebration.

  5. Hello, the mural is beautiful. Looks like a great event. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

  6. What a beautiful mural...and the windows also speak to the combination of huge old rocks and the modern world...but the rocking chair is a great statement too!

  7. What a fantastic mural and it has the best seat on the mountain. Nice one!

  8. Excellent. Have a good day, Diane

  9. It is a beautiful mural! Reminds me of the Alps.

  10. Beautiful way to learn some ancient history! And so interesting to watch the progress and then to meet the artist.

  11. what a great celebration to be part of!

  12. What a fantastic mural this is.

    All the best Jan

  13. What an interesting and unusual mural. I love the red chair and lamp.

  14. the mural is beautiful.
    artist and small party look enjoy.

    Thank you for sharing


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