September 7, 2018

Odd, Old, or Scenic.

1. This evening we stopped at the Shenandoah Museum of Contemporary Art in Strasburg. The proprietor was glad to show us around. Here are two mirrored pieces on a wall that incorporate lights that added pretty colors. The reflections just happened to be there.

2. One of the interesting things about a camera is that the act of selecting what to shoot can cut out the ordinary, creating something new.
Orange You Glad It's Friday?
3. The black and white self-portrait is from years ago when I was taking a darkroom course at NVCC. It's a double exposure with clouds.

4. There are some spots on Cedar Creek Battlefield where you get a good view of the sky. I wanted to capture the clouds for a Skywatch photo.

5. Floral Friday: Not far from the above spot is Belle Grove. This sign in their parking lot was hosting branches covered with flowers.


  1. Your self-portrait is fascinating. Lovely work.

  2. ...WOW, creating something new. Spectacular!

  3. Great clouds over battlefield, but the ones in your self-portrait don't come through for me. So you just look pensive.

  4. Your battlefield view is my favourite of these, Linda.

  5. I like the b&w self portrait double exposure. Very nice! Beautiful skywatch shot, too!

  6. Enjoyed all the photos and I also liked your black and white portrait. Must get to that museum one of these days. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  7. Lovely collection of beautiful captures.

  8. Hi Linda please keep commenting on my blog because I love your comments.

  9. Cedar Creek Battlefield photograph is my favorite.

  10. Nice post. I really liked your 2nd shot. I'm guessing, vegetables cooking. Nice selfie shot. Pretty clouds and lovely flowers.

    1. No, it's actually a fountain in a garden center, looking straight into the water.

  11. Your self portrait is lovely.


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