September 5, 2018

Local Water Birds.

It's Wild Bird Wednesday and I found a couple of interesting bird photos on my trail cam. I plan to aim the camera a little more to the left, but in the meantime I cropped these to get rid of most of a bulky tree on the right. 

I was delighted to find a shot of this great blue heron spreading his wings.

I like to watch geese splash down when they land on the lake.  The color is a little odd in this picture, probably due to the late afternoon light. Moultrie warns against pointing the lens into the sun, but I found it impossible to do this for the entire day because the only direction that meets the criteria is north and I don't have a good spot facing north.

Switching from trail cam photos to a cell phone picture, this is a sight we see all too often. The geese are in the road and they don't particularly want to move. I've found that opening a window and banging on the side of the car usually gets them to scurry out of the way. (This also works to get  squirrels out of the road.)


  1. Put up a sign (instead of deer crossing...) 'goose' x-ing!

    Beautiful images, as always.

  2. Hello, love all the birds and the water views. The geese should be more careful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. I've been hearing the Canada geese flying overhead both evening and mornings...but haven't seen a splash-down for a while. Good catch! Our local white geese and Mallards do own the roads sometimes too, but we do have a "duck crossing" sign near the lake.

  4. The geese set up a road block for all the cars to stop and see them. :)

  5. I love these photo's, especially the first one.

    All the best Jan

  6. Great blue herons are so impressive in size. When I see one in flight, I wonder if maybe I've been transported back in time and pterodactyls are once again in the air.

  7. I love the blue heron shot. Geese have their own agendas, don't they. Ha!


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