August 27, 2018

Late August Treats

The Good: We were on our way home recently and the sunset was getting pretty. Frank was driving so I begged him to turn into the parking lot at Lake Front Royal so I could take a picture. There's something about a sunset reflected in the water that is very satisfying.

The Random: Today I ran some errands that involved some setbacks: a sudden shower that pelted me just as I reached the recycling center, and several shopping disappointments. Then as I was driving through Woodstock, I thought "What was it that I read was scheduled to happen by the "Love" sign?" Then I saw policemen there with band instruments and I remembered: they are filming a video for the "Lip Synch Challenge." I parked my car and waited while they finished setting up.  Here they are!

The Fun: Ice cream! Oh how I wish I could eat the kind that's available everywhere! I'd enjoy ice cream parlors like this one in Front Royal. With an allergy to cow milk, that doesn't work for me, but I did stop and take a picture of this mural. 

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  1. Love that sunset, so beautiful Linda! I've also been known to stop to watch the sun go down.
    The mural is very cute too, thanks for contributing.

  2. You are right, watery sunsets are always gorgeous! Love the mural and the love sign.

  3. Love sunsets over the water too... Gorgeous....

    Those Lip-Synch Challenges are so popular these days..

    Glad I am not allergic to milk ---or ICE CREAM... ha


  4. That is a gorgeous sunset over the lake Linda. Enjoyed your photos again, thank you.

  5. Oh … that sunset is simply gorgeous.

    All the best Jan

  6. Beautiful sunset. Those lip-synch challenges have been fun to watch. Cute mural!


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