August 24, 2018

Just Things I Saw.

1. I noticed the lights and shapes on a store ceiling today. 
Sharing with Black and White Weekend.
2. These pups were getting used to the river. They were reluctant to stay in it at first, but followed their human dad until they got over their fear.
Linking to Orange You Glad and Willy-Nilly Friday.
3. This struck me as something to share with Signs, Signs.

4. In that same store, I noticed this shirt, almost as if it were commenting on the sign above.

5. Last but not least, some petunias for Floral Friday.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Lovely selection - those signs made me laugh! I love the patterns in your black and white.

  2. ...pays to look up.
    ...doggie life jackets? struck me too.
    ...a wonderful color splash.
    Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  3. I have just read about Flash. I am so very sorry Linda.

  4. Great series. Love the flowers and the signs. The black and white image is so pretty.

  5. The sign is so funny!! Perfect catch. I am laughing out loud, even though it is probably the aisle I wouldbe shopping in.

  6. LOL with the sign and the t-shirt!

  7. Interesting shapes on the ceiling. I love the colors of the petunias.


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