August 6, 2018

Hotel Utility Box

This picture is left over from our Ocean City trip. I saved it to share with Monday Murals.


  1. A nice beachy mural Linda. Thanks for participating.

  2. It's well done!

    A lot of utility boxes here are being decorated in various ways these days. It's a positive way of discouraging graffiti.

  3. Love the wave, pretty mural. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  4. Great use of art on utility box! May I use your "profile" photo for a blog I'm doing on Fri. morning about photos of photographers? I'll give link to your blog, and your name if you wish. If not, I understand. Barb

  5. The wave is awesome. Well done and very nice to see, I like it.

  6. That's a fun one. I like it.


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