August 29, 2018

Farm Buildings at Montpelier

After touring James Madison's home and garden, we started to leave the property but I spotted a big green barn and turned down a lane to take a picture of it. Our map showed that the road looped around and came back out so I drove down it and saw some other interesting buildings. I believe these are from the time when the Dupont family owned the property. They had a dairy farm and a huge horse facility where races are still held.

There are also some modern buildings that I did not think to photograph, but there is an educational center devoted to furthering learning about the constitution.  


  1. ...Linda, such a wonderful collection. The First green one is a favorite, I don't see many green barns in this area. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The old barns look in good shape. I imagine those are regular stomping grounds for the deer.

  3. I always like seeing photographs of barns …
    Nice to see the deer too!

    All the best Jan

  4. Love these old buildings, but then I like any thing that is old 😉 Take care Diane

  5. I haven't seen a green barn in ages and this one is a beauty. Nice sights on the loop you took. I like those deer stopping and looking at you.

  6. Unusual to see a green barn. Love the deer photo.

  7. interesting photos love from Europe


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