July 22, 2018

Views at Rushville Road Church

Recently I met Lynn for lunch in Harrisonburg and we took a ride through nearby Dayton. Just west of there we saw this plain but well-kept church at the corner of Rushville Road and Coakley Town Road. A couple of girls in long dresses were there riding bicycles but they waved and rode off. 

I pulled into the parking lot to take a picture and noticed row upon row of posts and rails. It took me a minute to reason out what they are.

This is a Mennonite Church and we were in the horse parking lot! Mennonites often ride in horse-drawn buggies, especially on their way to church. The long rows of hitching posts provide places to tie the horses.

I did not see a sign but a map tells me it is the Rushville Road Old Order Mennonite Church. Next to it is Pleasant View Cemetery. The views are pleasant indeed! 

I've never been in a horse parking lot before! There were rows of trees providing shade for the animals. This is a beautiful place.

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  1. ...lovely views of your beautiful neck of the woods. Thanks Linda for your visit. Enjoy! 😀

  2. What lovely photos of a beautiful place (as you said)..and I notice the two separate doors leading into the church, one for men, one for women. Love the horse (and carriage) parking lot! The buggies are also such great examples of the anachronism of these simple people living in our technological age...having been on highways with them a few times when touring.

  3. Beautiful place and countryside. Wonderful post and photos. Have a happy day and new week!

  4. Interesting post love From Europe

  5. Ah, the hitching posts make sense once you know it's a Mennonite church.

  6. What a beautiful and peaceful spot.

  7. Nice to meet up with Lynn for lunch.
    Lovely photographs, so nice and green.

    All the best Jan


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