July 15, 2018

Joppa Church and Rural Scenes

Fort Valley, Virginia.

I misidentified this building as a school the other day. Sorry for the error! A friend informed me that it is Joppa Christian Church, and sure enough, I found it on Google Maps with that name. It was built in 1855. This is a slightly different view from the one I posted three days ago. 

Sharing with InSpired Sunday.
Now let's look at more of the countryside nearby. There are so many barns that I have some pictures left over for another day, and I did not even photograph them all.

Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. Nice shadows on the path. Have a good week

    much love...

  2. You always share very interesting places. I love the leafy shaded road in your last shot.

  3. ...Linda, sometimes old churches and schools can look similar. Your second is barn is a style that is rarely seen in this area. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the week ahead. 😀

  4. Interesting styles of barns. Have a great week ahead!

  5. Sempre nos mostra lugares e celeiros interessantes, eu gosto...quando vejo nos filmes, lembro logo em seu blog.
    Aqui no Brasil são poucos e bem diferentes.

    um abraço!

  6. The second barn shot, with the overhanging section, is unusual to my experience.

  7. it still looks more like a school to me ;>)).... beautiful barns!

  8. That old white church and its shadows are just precious!


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