June 4, 2018

Resoborg Mural Celebration

The Good: Strasburg's latest mural has been completed. In the words of the artist Resoborg, "The mural is an abstracted portrait of John Henry Sonner who was a local potter and with the unglazed pot in his hands acts as a metaphor for the town and its unseen potential with a canvas yet to be customized."

The Random: Last week a celebration was held by Staufferstadt Arts to mark the official unveiling of the mural. I made a collage of pictures from the event. 

Sharing with Mosaic Monday.
The Fun: A group of spirited dancers added music and joy to the occasion. Here they are posing with the artist.

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  1. Neat mural. It looks like the unveiling was a fun celebration.

  2. Love the mural...art is alive and well in Strasburg! I'm going to link to your post, because I am all about pottery (and other things!)

  3. You always find such interesting murals and fun things to see & do in your area, it's always interesting to learn about them you through your blog.

  4. I love murals and what fun to be there for the celebration on its completion!

  5. It's lovely Linda. And the celebrations were fun.
    Thanks for contributing.

  6. A lovely mural, and I like your collage too.

    All the best Jan

  7. Love the idea behind the mural - everywhere we look there is potential if we just let it free!


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