June 14, 2018

Cow and Battlefield

These pictures are from the same general location as yesterday's post from Redbud Road. There's a very nice park there just north of Winchester. Extensive walking trails cross a portion of the Civil War battlefield. Even if you know nothing about the third battle of Winchester (also called the Battle of Opequon, after the river), the park offers pleasant walks and bird watching.

In case you are wondering, the battle took place in 1864, involved cavalry charges, and was a significant Union victory.

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  1. The cow looks like she is singing in the one picture. :) I like the beautiful blue bird. It is such a bright spot on the fence.

  2. Lovely fences greetings From Europe

  3. The cow has taken note of you.

    I know Winchester was a very busy spot throughout the course of the war.

  4. You have a lot of historic parks in your area. - This one sounds interesting. The cow shots were really fun to see and that blue bird sure stood out on the fence.

  5. Just love the cow pictures :)

    All the best Jan


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