June 1, 2018

CDP Theme: Me.

Welcome to June!

The City Daily Photo Theme for June is "Me." This is not the easiest topic for a photo, and I procrastinated. Now it's almost midnight so I need to just post something.

Me Wearing Frank's Glasses.

I think the first picture looks pleasant in spite of the big glasses. I put them on to read something while sitting in the car. Frank always keeps a pair handy there.

The second photo appeals to me because it looks casual and messy, which is probably suitable for "Me." In spite of it being a contrived selfie, it appears to be unplanned, as if I suddenly glimpsed myself in a store mirror.

Also sharing with Weekend Reflection.


  1. Nicely done, Linda. I like your glimpse in the mirror shot. :)

  2. I get a few selfies, but not what I like always

  3. A true photographer doesn't do just a "simple" selfie!

  4. The mirror shot is quite nicely composed and original. In the top shot you look a bit pensive.

  5. Great 'me' photo's Linda.

    All the best Jan


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