May 24, 2018

Thankful Thursday in Late May

I like having a theme for my post. Sometimes they consist of barely-related items, so I look for some way to make them into a group. Today I'm presenting four things for which I'm grateful, plus one thing that's a nuisance but at least it's not uncontrollable.

1. Flowers are plentiful right now. I spotted these roses at a fast-food place. Since roses are a common subject, I had a little fun with the image using Movavi software.

2. Flash visited the vet today for his yearly check-up. He's doing okay considering his age and congestive heart failure. Dr Jim said we can increase the Lasix a little to see if it helps with his cough.

3. I am so fortunate to have such beautiful views around me that sometimes I take them for granted. The cloudy view is from our window.

4. I grew up in a family where I was loved. Here's a picture of my mother taken long before I was born.

5. Spammers are a nuisance. Lately they've been commenting on blogs, and I've heard that if you follow their links you may download something that damages your blog. Fortunately it's not hard to delete their comments, and most of them never get published because I have a setting that holds comments on older posts until I approve them.

If you see a suspicious comment, do not click on the link!


  1. ...spam is rarely a problem for me, thankfully!

  2. Sorry you got spammed...I have occasional anonymous comments, and seldom spams...which I don't open. Good advice.

  3. I like the roses image you created with the editing software. I hope the medicine helps Flash cough less. Have a nice weekend!

  4. That vannara person tried the same with me and got dispatched into the cold purgatory of spam folders where they belong.

    Flash is such a cutie.

  5. love your mom in polka dots. Nice to have the mountains around, good capture.


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