May 11, 2018

Five from Weber's Nursery

A photographer friend recommended Weber's Nursery in Winchester. Her pictures showed a pond and fountain so I figured Frank might like to go there. We went today and he loved it! I took plenty of pictures so here are a few. 

1. They have some rusty old farm equipment. I took this close-up with a black and white composition in mind. 

 2. They do have ponds. Ponds with fish, turtles, fountains, and reflections.

3. I was fortunate to get a photo of a turtle swimming, and with a koi too!

4. This is, I believe, a double-flowering hibiscus.  I'm sharing this one with Orange You Glad and Floral Friday.

5. Last but not least is this brilliant parrot. He was in a flight cage and I pressed my lens to hole between the wires. I was pleased when I saw how this came out!


  1. A wonderful place to visit, I like the close up of the parrot!

  2. Great photos!
    Love the Hibiscus! Wonderful portrait of the Parrot
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Great collection of photos - looks like a wonderful visit. I love the shapes in your black and white.

  4. Always been fascinated by the color in Parrots. Like ALL of your work. It is one part of the country I haven't been to.

  5. Very nice shot of the parrot!

  6. Excellent series of shots Linda, definitely a successful trip. Happy Mother's Day ✨

  7. Wow, great capture of the parrot -- I'd have thought he was flying free! That nursery is full of photo ops ... the flowers and water critters are beautiful. And I bet your Frank loved what you showed in the first photo -- my husband definitely would!!!

  8. Lovely shots with such vivid orange and red colors. Great shot of the parrot!


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