May 18, 2018

Fed Up Friday

The Willy Nilly Friday linkup reminds me to post a group of things that don't really fit into one cohesive post. 

1. I'm feeling down because there has been another school shooting, this time in Texas. And I'm angry because this should not keep happening.

I recognize the important role hunters play in the ecosystem, at least here in the eastern states where other predators are not present in numbers. And I believe that target practice is a fun activity that builds hand-eye coordination. But "responsible" gun owners have failed to keep their weapons out of the hands of youngsters and misguided people. It is past time for change!

2. We've had rain, rain, and more rain. Fortunately it lets up from time to time, but not for long. Here are some clouds I saw yesterday.

By the way, many roads are flooded around here.
Sharing with Skywatch and Black and White Weekend.

3. We stopped in a restaurant last weekend and I was served a nice-looking salad. But I was afraid to eat it because of the big romaine lettuce recall. I've heard that the tainted lettuce is off the market but then again, one of Lynn's friends has not fully recovered from a salad that sickened her.

4. Frank gave me a nice planter for Mother's Day. The geraniums are even brighter than they look in the picture.

5. Speaking of flowers, here are some other bright ones I spotted at Weber's Nursery. 

Orange You Glad and Floral Friday.
6. There are a couple of new stores in Front Royal aimed at the outdoors enthusiasts. This one is on South Street where it can be seen by motorists heading for Skyline Drive or the Shenandoah River.

I hope you have a nice weekend.


  1. Lovely shots. I can't believe that there has been yet another shooting! When will politicians do something?!!

  2. Beautiful. Your clouds are nicely dramatic.

  3. ...number 1 is spot on! Change comes slowly in our divided country. On a brighter note, your flowers are lovely. Thanks Linda, enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love the "bullet kissing cowboys" photo. I wonder when enough people are going to say "Enough!"

  5. This does not happen in other developed countries. The NRA used to talk about gun responsibility and regulations and the proper use and storage of firearms. Then it got hijacked by a pack of rabid, paranoid libertarians who preach the gospel of survivalist end times apocalyptic "hold onto your guns or the NWO is going to come in and take them and butcher your family" lunacy.

  6. The flowers are a cheerful sight!

  7. I, too am fed up with the stranglehold the gun lobby seems to have on our lawmakers. Great first photo!

  8. Very nice selection, I like the dahlias best

  9. Couldn't agree more with your first point.

    I love geraniums. We just planted some today in our pots on the back deck - hoping the deer won't be so brazen to climb the steps and eat them!

  10. I love those dahlias, they are my favorite color!

  11. I am so saddened by the school shootings. It is frustrating and heartbreaking that these continue to happen. Lovely flowers!

  12. We are almost a week past the shooting and once again the lack of action speaks for itself. I did enjoy your photos but "Fed Up Friday" expresses what many of us feel exactly. Alana


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