May 14, 2018

A Ferry, Flowers, and Hikers.

Monday Murals
The Good: This mural in Luray shows a ferry which crossed the South Fork of the Shenandoah from 1870 to 1910. The white house shown on the hill still stands and is now managed by a foundation. The house dates to 1760.

A bridge now crosses the river, the fifth one at the site. One of the earlier bridges was burnt by Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War, and its replacement was destroyed by a flood in 1870. The county decided against replacing it for many years, during which time the only way to cross the river here was by ferry.

I brightened the image a little because the mural had faded.

The Random: Now that it's spring, I have a surplus of flower photos, so I made a collage out of six of them.

The Fun: Here some hikers on the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) are treated to a surprise picnic at Compton Gap. The man holding the propane tank is about to grill hot dogs and invited these strangers, who are thru-hikers, meaning they plan to hike the entire 2,190 mile trail. 

The truck has a placard saying Welcome 2018 and the AT symbol. I can't read the rest of it.

I used to fantasize that it would be fun to hike the entire trail, but now my ankles would not make it. 


  1. A lovely rural mural. I can't imagine doing such a long hike either, not fit enough for it!
    Beautiful collage of Spring flowers. Thanks for participating Linda.

  2. Hello, Love the mural, it is beautiful. That is so nice of the man to provide the hikers a lunch. Have a happy day!

  3. What a wonderful mural! I like knowing the history behind it too. The flower collage is lovely. I always welcome the return of flowers in the spring.

  4. I always wanted to try the trail in its entirety when I first heard of it. I have done some sections and met interesting people

    1. I love how they have trail names. I believe one of these fellows was called Ghost.

  5. What a lovely mural with an interesting history. What a nice man to invite those hikers for a grilled meal. The collage of spring flowers is beautiful. Nice post, Linda and have a wonderful evening.

  6. the mural is beautiful & how comforting the man's hospitality must have been for those hikers!! i have never had the desire to hike that far!!!


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