April 22, 2018

What Day is Today?

1. This is Marie's birthday. She is my younger daughter, shown in this old photo between Lynn and me. 

2. Today is Earth Day. A store in Strasburg gave away redbud trees this weekend to mark the occasion. We got one and Frank planted it in the yard. It's small but I hope it grows. Here you see a redbud blooming in the forest. They are more of a purplish pink than red.  

3. Today is also Sunday, so I'm posting a church for the InSpired Sunday linkup. This is the Shiloh Baptist Church in Millwood, VA.  I found an article that states that it was built in 1892.


  1. ...I have a hard time telling most days.

  2. Cute first picture!
    Oh. I missed Earth day.

  3. I guess calling it purple bud didn't make sense, just like Purple Finches aren't called the colors they really are, because they are more red! Maybe someone switched the names in Olde English and we just carry on!

  4. No blooms yet here, but lots of wild redbud all around, a fav.

  5. Happy birthday wishes for Marie ...

    All the best Jan

  6. (Not sure the comment I was trying to enter will post correctly, so trying again) Good for you planting a tree for Earth Day! Thanks for your kind comments on my latest post!

  7. Our redbuds are just starting to bloom too. The flowering dogwood is getting ready to flower also. Birthdays are always so special.

  8. Great family photo. I hope your redbud does well.


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