April 18, 2018

Passerines Perching

When we lived in Bryce Mountain Resort, I saw pine siskins frequently, but I haven't seen them here much. Then this guy showed up! Hi, Siskin! 

He is similar to a goldfinch in some ways, but not nearly as bright.

The grackles are much larger and they tend to come in flocks. I admire their iridescent feathers but they tend to mob the feeders and eat greedily. Fortunately they are shy and fly away if they see me at the window.

Next up is an American Robin in a tree. 

The red-winged blackbird is in the same family as the grackle. Usually I just see one or two though, not a whole flock. I love the bright red patch on his wing!


  1. That red winged blackbird is probably quite ordinary to you, but to me he is quite extraordinary and very unusual, how lovely!
    Wren x

  2. ...a collection of some of my favorites!

  3. Hello, I love the cute Siskin. I have not seen them in years. Pretty birds and photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. Cute little siskin. I'm glad he came by for a visit. Nice collection of birds.

  5. I saw one (Siskin) the other day, and thought it a juvenile Goldfinch. Thanks. Red Winged Blackbirds aren't in my area of mountains, they might be in some marshes though. I used to see them all the time in FL.

  6. I don't know if siskins are around here. The red wing blackbirds do spend at least part of the year here, and for a few weeks in spring, the males are quite territorial about protecting the nest.

  7. Great pictures! The goldfinch is one of my favorites. I like seeing their flash of bright yellow.

  8. I love the little Siskins ... they are so cute and I don't see them often. I only have seen one Goldfinch too...and, have a pretty good photo of him... but, only the one.

  9. I'm not familiar with those little Siskins but I love seeing them. Your bird photos are outstanding! Thanks for sharing Linda.

  10. Hard to tell the siskin from a goldfinch in the winter

  11. All fabulous photographs Linda ...
    So nice to see, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  12. I have noticed a few of these red winged black birds on my commute. They are faster than I can click. Lovely snaps and thanks for your visit.
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace :)


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