March 28, 2018

Stars and a Rascal.

The bright color of the male cardinal makes him a star! Actually, I wasn't thrilled with this image after I enlarged it on my screen so I added some filters in Movavi software.

Well, it's Wild Bird Wednesday so I think some readers will want to see what birds look like. Thus the rest of today's pictures will be natural in appearance, starting with a bluejay.

Also Sharing with Through My Lens.

I won't be filling my bird feeders much longer because I don't want to attract bears! I'll miss my little friends, like this house finch.

I think the bird in a tree is a blackbird. I zoomed in quite a bit before I could tell what he looked like. My eyes are not as strong as a zoom lens.

What's going on here?! My squirrel-proof bird feeder is not working properly!

There is a little plastic tab that broke off so the lid is loose. I wonder who broke it. Better go outside and take a look.


  1. Squirrel proof! - they laugh!

  2. Very annoying squirrel but also cute!! Love the house finch it is so pretty and nit I bird that i know. Have a good Easter, Diane

  3. What a glamorous looking Cardinal, all sparkly. Squirrels are such a little pain. Adventurous little critters, funny to watch. I never thought of bears getting into bird feeders, I guess where you are, you do have to be careful about leaving things out.

  4. You and me. I've been taking shots of cardinals and jays for weeks trying to get that perfect capture. The squirrel in the bird feeder is a riot!

  5. Squirrel proof? No such thing! They've got problem solving intelligence, those little devious cuties, and they'll break into a feeder given just enough time to figure out a solution.

  6. Hello Linda!:) Fantastic captures,...such sharp, cute, and beautiful images. The first Cardinal picture is pretty the way you have done it, but I'm not so sure about the black birds ID! Don't Blackbirds have yellow beaks! I hope you have a Happy Easter Linda.:)

  7. One of the greatest contradictory statements of all time is “squirrel proof feeder!”

  8. Those squirrel shots made me laugh! They are so crafty.


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