February 7, 2018

So Many Canada Geese!

Sometimes great numbers of them fly in! Some of the flocks I watched today appeared to have a hundred or so geese. I love watching them splash down. 
I can imagine how flocks of passenger pigeons must have looked before they went extinct a century ago. They were said to migrate in such numbers that they blocked out the light of the sun like an eclipse! Hunting and deforestation led to their demise, although recent research suggests that their need to be in groups made it impossible to adapt to unfavorable conditions. 

Geese like being in groups too. 


  1. Linda,

    WOW, so many geese! What a wonderful spot to capture so many at one time!! I don't think I've seen that many with camera in hand. It seems I used to hear in flight heading south but I haven't heard them in years. I wonder why? What's that passenger pigeons are existent? I'm not much of a bird person but are these the type that would carry messages strapped to their feet? Thanks for sharing and linking up! ;) Have an awesome week.

    1. No, those are carrier pigeons. Passenger pigeons looked similar to mourning doves, from what I read.

  2. i enjoy seeing these large flocks, especially during flight. your images are so pretty, i like the first 2, with the appearance of fog!!

  3. Hello, wonderful captures of the geese. I like the flight shots! Have a happy day!

  4. Great photos! The third one is my favorite
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Wow, great shots! That's a big flock.

  6. as many geese that there are is amazing sometimes. I found a flock yesterday spread over a mile along the river

  7. They must be starting to think of migration.

  8. Great images of the huge flock. Must be incredible to see and hear them when they arrive.

  9. I love to see the huge flocks of geese flying overhead. We have Snow Geese winter in the Valley here. Estimated around 90,000---very noisy

  10. Lots of them stay home nowadays.... because people feed them here ... nn the golf courses especially .... and, they try to keep water open for them. Sometimes, like today...I bet they wish they had gone south with their buddies...it is -29C here in Calgary, Canada ....with a ton of new snow.... how will they ever find food today I wonder? ... I might just see a couple land in my patio..... yikes!


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