February 12, 2018

Rural Scenes in February Sunlight.

Barn quilts are still unusual here so I get excited when I find one. 


  1. ...the lighting of the first one is wonderful. Quilt blocks can be common here, but I'm still excited to find one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the light in these shots!

  3. Dearest Linda
    what lovely, charming shots, I so love them all, but the first is truly superb!

    Thanking you wholeheartedly for sharing such beauty,
    I'm sending all my love to you

    XOXO Dany

  4. Bucolic country scenes are some of my favourite things, maybe because I live in rural Normandy! Love the barn quilt, I read recently about an elderly man who creates barn quilts and it was a fascinating read.

  5. How rad, these barn quilts - have never seen one here in California (have never looked for one, so they may be around!) Thanks for contributing this post to All Seasons!

  6. I love that first photo. It is so pretty and peaceful.

  7. The sunlight in the first shot makes it a Perfect 10! (That's for the Olympics!)

  8. Beautiful light in the photos. The first one looks like a painting, I love it.


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