February 14, 2018

Rose Imperfect

When I took pictures this morning of my flowers, I intended to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. But it rings hollow now. Another school shooting ... so much tragedy. So sad and so senseless.

Once upon a time I believed we were on an upward path, becoming a little more civilized as years went by. But I am disillusioned. The veneer of civilization is not only thin; it is cracked and dented and falling off in big chunks. God help us.


  1. I agree. I don't know what we can do about this. It seems like the only reasonable option is becoming "abandon ship" or perish. Very sad. :(

  2. That is a pretty, blushing rose <3 Have a nice week!

  3. Great to see and enjoy beauty, and to think and talk about averting more tragedies.

  4. That is beautiful.

    It is utter madness. But if Sandy Hook wasn't going to result in real change, nothing will, not even more school shootings. Wayne LaPierre and those he has under his thumb will have to answer, in this life or the next, for their actions.

  5. So true and so sad. It's so tragic that it's becoming the norm.

    Your rose is very pretty.

  6. Very sad news indeed. Such a horrible tragedy.

    Your flower is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Rosa perfeita para uma triste trag├ędia, Meu deus nunca tem fim....

  8. You said it well. How else can we express our horror at the senseless losses?


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