February 26, 2018

Late February Random-osity

The Good: I met Lynn (my older daughter) for lunch in Harrisonburg on Friday. It's always nice to see her! She is doing okay, although she has another surgery scheduled for Wednesday. She had severe side-effects from the radiation that she had after cancer surgery. One of her friends made a fundraising page  and 38 people have made contributions. Fortunately, the cancer appears to be gone. 

The Random: Daffodils are blooming in Harrisonburg! They are early, but temperatures have been mild, so seasons are mixed up.

Today I saw forsythia blooming in Woodstock.

The Fun: I checked the memory card from the trail cam.

Most of the images were just moving branches or birds, but a few other animals showed up. My favorite was a small deer at night. Since the picture was very grainy, I added a couple of filters.

I made a Photo Collage of some of the other images. Looks like the black cat is a regular visitor to our yard! I already knew the geese came through, and of course some squirrels raid the bird feeders just about every day.
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  1. Happy for your daughter the cancer is gone!! Haha, the daffodils in North and South must be confused - or the weather, or both:):) Thank you for linking up these fun experiences with All Seasons! have a happy week:)

  2. That is good news, glad to know your daughter is well again. We have masses of daffodils out now but sadly after a severe frost and a few snow flurries yesterday quite a few daffs are bowed down with frozen stems. I hope the sun will warm them today and will save them.
    Have a fab week.

  3. Good for your daughter.

    Daffodils won't show themselves here until May.

  4. I love to see you daffodils. They are very early! Here only the snowdrops are blooming!

  5. So happy for your daughter! We used to have forsythia in Oregon and it would bloom around my daughters February birthday. We used to call it "ForCynthia" (as that is her name and what she thought it was called when she was little).
    The trail-cam photos are really neat.

  6. Glad to hear Lynn is doing well! At the end of March I will be 4 years in remission - Praise the Good Lord!
    Great to see flowers!

  7. Glad to hear your daughter is having success with her cancer treatment.

  8. Good news on the cancer treatment. I think using the web for fund-raising of this type is one of the best things to arise from the Internet. I am jealous that you have seen forsythia - I love its delicate yellow blooms.

  9. Good to hear the cancer is gone. I like to see those night visitors also

  10. I hope your daughter's surgery went well. Neat picture of the deer.

  11. OH Wow!! You have daffodils blooming!! Soon and very soon here, I hope! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!


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