February 9, 2018

Four Photos Plus Some Thoughts

1. This black and white snapshot goes back a long time. It shows little Marie getting a lift from a cousin.

2. This dramatic cloud formation makes the next photo suitable for Skywatch

3. I got a music CD set as a gift and I've enjoyed listening to it in my car, although the choice of songs (old standards) was unexpected. I tried to get my husband to guess who the artist is. "Willy Nelson" was his first guess.  No, although it did have a bit of the sound of Willy's Stardust.  I sampled another track. "Is that the British guy with spiky hair?" No, it's not Rod Stewart, although Rod has certainly crooned many old songs. I sampled another track. He gave up. 

Who would have thought Bob Dylan could be a crooner in the romantic style of the 1940's? And who would have thought his voice would sound so good at this point in life?

 4. How would you like to see all these Canada geese in your yard? This is a neighbor's house. 
Weekend Reflections
5. This view is from a house that's on a ridge above us. 


  1. Cute photo of the girls, and that sky shot is spectacular! I have CDs of Rod Stewart and Neil Diamond singing old standards like that. I didn't know Bob Dylan had made one.

  2. Love that shot of the little girl in the wheelbarrow! I grew up listening to Dylan... hard to get me head around him as a crooner!

  3. What a sweet black and white photo.

  4. Your reflection photo is very pretty, but no, I don't want that many geese!

  5. Love the 1st one, play made so simple.

  6. Fun collection ... would never have guessed that about Dylan either! Have you tried that thing where you can ask your phone who an artist is while a song is playing (and/or the name of the song)... it has worked for us a few times, this would have been an interesting challenge for it (her?). I would NOT like those geese -- we had about that many in our yard (the RV Park) where we used to stay in Oregon ... we had to take our shoes off outside after we'd walked.

  7. Pushing another child in a wheelbarrow is hard for a small child...the weight is difficult, and made worse if the rider wiggles! I found out many years ago...

  8. your black and white image sould have been us when we were kids :) Love it!


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