February 2, 2018

Five Photos for Candlemas

It's February 2nd, popularly known as Ground Hog Day. I don't pay any attention to the silliness of his predictions, but I just read an interesting tidbit: This date was once celebrated as Candlemas, which marked the approximate halfway point between solstice and equinox. 

With that out of the way, I'll share five random items for Friday.

1.  There was a "super blue blood moon" on January 31 and I failed to get a good picture of it. I snapped a blurred one from the car while Frank was driving but by the time we reached a place where we could stop, the clouds covered it.

2. Here's another sky photo, a bright sunset for Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

3. The Rockingham Milling Company building is in Harrisonburg. Looks like they specialize in animal feed. I love the signs!

4. Strasburg's Town Park now has an area for garden plots. It's just behind this fence.

5. This little gem seems more appropriate now than ever.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hello, gorgeous sky captures. The sunset is beautiful. Nice view of the park! Happy weekend!

  2. liked the 2nd shot and the Pogo cartoon

  3. Beautiful sunset photo. The clouds covered my chances at seeing the moon here as well. The cartoon is certainly timely and true. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Excellent sunset..and, yes, the Pogo strip had it right.

  5. We missed the super blood blue moon... well, couldn't see it clearly from NYC :)

  6. Beautiful Skies. Followed your link from Skywatch Friday.

  7. Beautiful sunset! The park area where the garden plots are is pretty.


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