January 3, 2018

It's Frigid at the Lake!

B-r-r-r! It's been really cold in Virginia. Freezing temperatures are not unusual here but cold spells don't usually last this long.

And now a winter storm is heading north. It has already left ice in Tallahassee and snow in Georgia and the Carolinas. Named "Grayson," it's predicted to bring high winds and snow all the way up the East Coast. We may miss the brunt of the storm because we are west of the Blue Ridge.

I hope there aren't many power outages. People who live in normally mild climates are often not prepared to live without electricity. A home with no fireplace can get awfully cold without power! We do have a wood stove, but that won't keep our pipes from freezing.

I hope all the wild creatures will be okay in this unusual weather. The geese and ducks seem pretty well adapted to it.


  1. Hello, great shots of the geese. I hope everyone stays safe and warm with this storm. Much of it may miss us, at least I hope so. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. Hope you stay warm, it's been absolutely frigid around here though no snow storms (we could actually use the moisture). Love the photos. The top one looks like it could be a postcard!

  3. It looks cold indeed!

    I suggest keeping the pipes open- doors open and exposed so that the heat from the woodstove does at least reach them. And keep the water on the taps running at a slight trickle through the nights.

  4. Beautiful photos of the waterbirds. We've had a long cold spell here too. Hope you stay safe and warm.

  5. Hope for you it soon will get at least a few degrees warmer! Many thanks for sharing these birds. A very happy New Year to you!

  6. It is fascinating that the birds survive the cold temperatures.

  7. I enjoyed seeing your photos!
    Cold here in north Mississippi - below freezing temps all day today, and the low tonight is predicted to be 11F. The electric power company has been cutting trees back from the power lines, so maybe we will not lose electricity. Thankfully we have gas heat

  8. So many places seem to be experiencing cold weather.
    I loved your series of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. We're sure all getting an early blast of winter this year!


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