January 14, 2018

Historic Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown

In 1775, while the church was being built, a heavy beam fell and crushed Capt. Jonathan Hager, the founder of Hagerstown. The metal plaque tells us he was "Buried west of main building."

Nearby is a sign entitled "Retreat from Gettysburg."
"Zion Reformed Church was a stronghold for the Confederates on their retreat from Gettysburg on July 6, 1863. General Robert E. Lee passed through Hagerstown during the Confederate occupation following the Battle of Gettysburg. General George Armstrong Custer observed Confederate movements from the church's bell tower on July 12th, after his Michigan cavalry brigade forced the occupying Confederates to the western edge of town. A Confederate sniper fired at Custer in the bell tower, but missed him and hit one of the tower's bells."

That's Custer in the right-hand photo.

This is the oldest church building in Washington County, Maryland that has been in continuous use as a church.


  1. ...1775 would be quite early for my area.

  2. A beautiful church. The Reformed church has been in the New World for a long time.

  3. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that little church... I had to read your post to my hubby since he LOVES Robert E. Lee....


  4. Sad beginning but what a gorgeous church!

  5. It's a little odd to read this on MLK Day, but it IS important to remember history -- the good and bad parts of it.

  6. It is a lovely Church.

    All the best Jan

  7. Beautiful church. I like that last shot.


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