January 31, 2018

Geese, a Moon, and a Few More Birds

Yesterday I was driving home and the big ol' moon was coming up. I decided to stop by the lake and try for a nice scenic shot.

Unfortunately, the geese started to mob my car! I guess our neighbor Sonny had not fed them yet so they thought I might be bringing some corn. I decided to get out of there before they wandered under my wheels. They've held me up before, as if to say, "We're not moving until you feed us!"

I backed up and drove about 100 feet, then pulled over and took a picture of the moon. 

Speaking of geese, I keep snapping pictures of the Canada geese, of which there are many. Some of these shots are misses. Here I caught them flying but when I pulled the image up on my screen, only one goose was clearly visible, the one in the air on the left. I lightened the picture, increased the saturation, and sharpened until more of the geese showed up.

Since every Wednesday is Wild Bird Wednesday, I'll show you a couple more birds. Is a house finch a "wild" bird if it lives under your rafters and allows you to get pretty close? And do they usually shelter in a bird house all winter? This one does.

The robin seems more wild. I usually see robins on the ground or in a tree, although occasionally one perches on a bench.

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  1. It looks like the geese are glowing with moonlight.

  2. ...the moon was amazing last night!

  3. lol, I had the same problem with Mallards a few times. Lots of them flying straight to the car as I park. Both cool and not fun at all. :(

  4. Hello, love the moon shot. The geese are cute. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. You got a great photo of the moon.

  6. A gaggle, blue moon, and a singing sparrow. Your day was complete.

  7. The geese know what they want!

    We won't see robins at all until spring.

  8. Linda,

    We saw the moon in the eastern sky last night on our way home from the store. I wish we had pulled off to snap a few pix of it but all we wanted to do was get home. I took some photos but they didn't turn out well but it was amazing to see nonetheless. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  9. Pretty shot of the moon. Glad you were able to keep from being held hostage by the geese! Haha! They can be demanding from what I understand.

  10. The House Finch is really cute!

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