December 1, 2017

Meteorological Winter Begins

The three months with coldest temperatures are referred to as meteorological winter. In the northern hemisphere, they are December, January, and February. 

Since it's the first of December, it's theme day at City Daily Photo, and since it's Friday I can link up to Willy Nilly Friday and some of the weekend blog hops, like Black and White Weekend.

1. The theme at CDP is Gift. I selected an old photo that I took of my younger sister with a gift she got: bongo drums! This was in the sixties.

2. The colors of autumn are pretty much gone. I took the second photo on November 6, when we were still seeing some greens along with the reds and yellows of autumn.

3. Folks are decorating for Christmas. I like bright, cheerful lights. This house has more subdued lights but I guess they like blues.

4. We have a nice big moon tonight. It will be even fuller tomorrow and is called the Full Cold Moon.

Sharing with Skywatch Friday

5. The last shot is one that I wasn't sure I captured until I viewed it later. A few seconds later the subjects moved and the shadows became meaningless. They were in a donut shop.

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  1. Bongos, the perfect 60's gift. We bought our son bongos when he was little and you know we had more fun those than almost anything else we bought him over the years.

  2. Lovely shots. That is a lot of decorations!

  3. Lovely photo of your sister. I always wanted bongos.

  4. Your Weekend Reflection photo is great! The big christmas balls showing: it's december. And I like how you catched the shadows!

  5. Hello, I love seeing the Christmas lights, they look so pretty at night. The fall colors and leaves are beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Great post! I love the reflection and shadow photo!

  7. The blues on that house appeal to me!

  8. Shadow capture is interesting, what a fun idea

  9. I live to dtive ariund & look at the yard decorations. BONGO DRUMS?!! How cool is that?

    1. Shiuld be 'Love to drive around' keyboard (tiny)

  10. Pretty leaves. Love the shadow shot. The moon was looking large and bright last night, for once, the sky was clear.

  11. The house in blue lights looks very festive.

  12. That's a cool moon shot. Full Cold Moon, I like that. All I've heard lately is it's a Super Moon. I'm sure my bongo drums, which look like your sister's, is around here somewhere.

  13. A famous shadow-reflection and the blue house looks a litle scary for me.
    Thanks for joining, have a nice weekend


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