December 15, 2017

It's Been a Busy Week.

It's Willy Nilly Friday so I'm posting five photos. All of these were taken over the past few days.

1. Bill S. and my sister Peggy came for a visit. It was great seeing them! I got them to pose for a snapshot as they left this morning. 
2. I took them to see where the new Seven Bends State Park is being built near Woodstock, VA. It's on the former Camp Lupton property. The sign by the fence says "No Trespassing. To be developed by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of State Parks. For more information call 540-622-6840."

3. This is the North Fork of the Shenandoah where Lupton Road crosses it. The bridge was recently improved but it is still a low-water bridge.
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4. Next we have yesterday's sunset, The building houses the Virginia Museum of Civil War History on New Market Battlefield.

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5. Tonight I chose John's Family Restaurant as the place to have my birthday dinner. They have good food! Unfortunately, this restaurant is slated to be demolished this spring because Route 340 is going to be widened there as it heads toward Charles Town.


  1. Lovely sky shot. Looks as if you had a good visit.

  2. Lovely images especially the sunset. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hope you had a very happy birthday and enjoyed your meal!
    Lovely sunset shot and view over the river.

    1. Thanks, I did enjoy it. The restaurant does old-fashioned cooking and I had prime rib.

  4. Beautiful photos, Linda. Hope your had a very nice birthday.

  5. nice to see you Linda :) Gret visit and landscape. Sorry about the restaurant. To bad great things has to go :(

  6. Nice sunset. Pretty picture of you. Happy belated birthday!


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