November 19, 2017

The Views Around Harrisville

Shenandoah County, VA.

St. John's United Church of Christ, Harrisville. 

On Friday I took Flash to the vet for his rabies shot. I like to explore the side roads and found myself on Harrisville Road as the sun got low in the sky.

The church has a nice mountain view.  In the vertical shot, we see the road climbing to cross Interstate 81.

By the time I reached the Valley Pike, the light was fading. 


  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing, and for stopping by our blog. Have a nice week!

  2. Hello, beautiful views and images. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. ...oh how I love your rolling hills, one surprise after another. Thanks Linda for stopping by, have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Lots of nice orange around you . Great shots

  5. Beautiful... I LOVE the area of the country where you live....

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    I am thankful for YOU.


  6. Beautiful views, particularly that vertical shot in the dying sunlight.

  7. Adoraria andar por essa bela estrada, lindas as fotos! bj

  8. Just love how the light works in these photographs.

    All the best Jan


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