November 24, 2017

It's Friday (Seems Like Saturday)

It doesn't seem like Friday night because yesterday was a holiday, plus the past couple of days have been so busy that they blur together in my mind. Well, here are five pictures mostly from today. The fifth one is from a few days ago, taken in a supermarket parking lot as I got ready for Thanksgiving.

Tanya has left her blog hop open so I'm joining there and to a few others, starting with Black and White Weekend and Weekend Reflections.

1. The entrance road to our community was blocked by animals as I tried to drive home. Cats, ducks and geese were congregating because they knew a neighbor was coming to feed them. I had to get out of the car and chase a cat out of the road so that I could proceed! A short distance later I stopped and grabbed a shot of a goose and duck hurrying towards the gravel beach to get their share of corn.

2. I drove Marie to the Metro station in Reston this morning. I convinced her to pose there because I wasn't satisfied with the pictures I took of her yesterday. Here she holds the handle of her rolling suitcase.

3. I did a little shopping near there. I was hoping to find some comfortable shoes at a shop on Elden Street but that did not work out. However, I did purchase some things at a nearby pet store and at Mom's (My Organic Market). I was a little surprised by the sign about cartoon characters.

4. Speaking of signs, I spotted this one at the rest area on I-66. Our state's slogan is "Virginia is for Lovers."

5. Finally, here's a sunset viewed from Strasburg.
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