October 27, 2017

Is it Already Late October?

Yes, and it looks like autumn here in Virginia! I'm trying to catch up today with some miscellaneous pictures to link to Willy Nilly Friday and some other blogs.

1. Here's a picnic area in Shenandoah National Park. This was on October 14 and the leaves were just starting to turn.

2. We were back in the park two days ago. In the Pinnacles Picnic Area, we spied a green box with yellow tape around it so I investigated. Bear trap!  There was no bear to be seen though.

3. If there were an award for the best no trespassing sign, I would nominate this one!

Here's a closer look at the sign: "Beware of Rattlesnakes." Okay, I'm not even getting out of the car!

4. The traffic photo is not a particularly pretty one, but I want to make a public service announcement about it: Traffic patterns have changed in Front Royal at Strasburg Road. Be alert and prepare to stop as work crews finish up the new bridge over the North Fork. The new "quadrant" is open to traffic and it's going to take some getting used to.

Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday
5. And last, something I've observed: people love nostalgia. Scan in some old photos of how your town looked years ago and share them. While you're at it, scan in some old family photos. Once they are online, you'll have access to them even if a fire or flood destroys your possessions.


  1. I think the snake sign should be heeded.I have a few around and rarely see them.

  2. I have never seen a snake sign and I'm glad, I don't care for them. :) I do like looking at old city and family photos even if I don't the city or the family.

  3. Hello, I have seen those bear boxes in Shenandoah. I assume the bears are hanging out at the picnic areas. We saw one run across the Skyline Drive yesterday. The colors and leaves are looking pretty. Happy weekend to you!

  4. The picnic area looks welcoming. We've got rattlesnakes in Ontario, but largely in remote areas, far from the urban spots.

  5. A pretty picnic area park but with rattlers about I wouldn't get out of the car either!

  6. Well I'm glad there wasn't a bear in the trap. Yes, I would heed the Rattlesnake sign too.

  7. We have still a lot of green here too, but I think, after today's storm the leaves will be down (and my lost flowers too). Wow, a bear trap! I have only a racoon trap, unfortunately must use it temporarily...racoons are destroying our roofs. Nostalgia seems always in fashion.
    Thanks for joining, have a sunny sunday

  8. Can't say I've seen a snake sign or a bear trap!
    Until this post!

    All the best Jan


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