October 6, 2017

Blog Post #6100

Yes, really! Blogger tells me I have posted six thousand one hundred times on this blog. I've been very dedicated (compulsive?) and will continue to try to post every day, at least for a while. However, I am trying to be a little more relaxed about it so I'm not participating in quite as many linkups. For example, I'm skipping Skywatch Friday today because I have other things I want to share. However, I'm still joining Willy Nilly Friday because I happen to have five images on different topics.

1. It's been a sad news week, and it followed a couple of weeks of worrisome stories about hurricanes and other disasters. 

2. At least Lynn had some good news: She is officially cancer free! She doesn't look happy here because I was intruding with my camera as she tried to complete some paperwork. This is her "Mom-what-are-you-doing" look.

You can see her GoFundMe page. Even after insurance, she has a hefty bill from UVA Hospital. But at least the surgery and radiation were a success.

3. Last weekend I enjoyed an exhibit at The Barns of Rose Hill. The National Park Quilts Exhibit is only there until November 25 but it is excellent. 

4. Here's some advice I want to share with my friends. There are people who seek to divide us, perhaps to "divide and conquer" but more likely to distract us so that we don't stop them as they expand their power.

5. And finally, I realized the other day that I have another online anniversary. I made my first website 20 years ago! I was learning HTML so I created a simple site for my dog Guppy. Eventually the hosting service closed in 2008 and I did not repost the pages. I still remember Guppy though; he was a great dog!


  1. That is great news about your daughter Linda. So happy for her and for you. On number one I can’t put into words the sadness I feel with what has been going on. Number two, sheer happiness. number three, I would have loved to see that. Number four, yes indeed. Number five that is an amazing achievement, congrats.

  2. Cancer-free! Wonderful!
    I am also a cancer survivor (Leukemia). Tell her to check for a Camp Bluebird for Cancer Survivors in her area. It is a wonderful refreshing week-end camp that is low-cost fun and fellowship with other cancer survivors. The Camp Bluebird I go to here in Mississippi pays the entire cost for those with financial need.
    Have a great week-end!

  3. Hello, congrats to your friend for being cancer free. The news lately has been sad lately, so many tragic events. The exhibit looks nice. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  4. So good to hear good news! Great for Lynn!

  5. The Camp Bluebird I go to here in Mississippi pays the entire cost for those with financial need.


  6. what wonderful news for both you and lynn! so happy to hear! the exhibit looks like something i'd enjoy...fun seeing your first website and guppy! i'm glad you linked up linda! hope you are having a wonderful week!


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